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Virtual Highland Games – Speakers

Featured talk for 2020 Virtual Highland Games

1:30-2:15 pm Ignite your Life with Celtic Goddesses!
Come hear stories of fierce, intense and impassioned Celtic goddesses! They were revered for their strength, intelligence, protection, healing and more. Their stories can inspire you to embrace a strength found in yourself to make a difference…. just like they did. Be entertained and learn about Strong Celtic Goddesses and Women with Rev. Linda Stern, 27th great granddaughter of St Margaret, Queen of Scots and other great Celtic Women!

Past Talks – Look forward to 2021 Speakers

How the Scots Invented the Modern World!

None of us doubt that Scotland created our world and everything in it but come and find out how! The books The Scots Invented The Modern World and The Mark Of The Scots help prove our theory.  Presented by Douglas McLain, Cameron Highlanders of the NW.

Speak Scottish Gaelic Today!

Are you Outlander-mad? Are you curious about our ancient Scottish language?   Do you want to surprise your friends and co-workers with greetings that are not in English?  This is not a grammar class!  We’re going to talk and sing and play a game or two.  But don’t ask me to teach you insults or bad language, that’s not on!  This will be a fast, fun introduction to Gaelic for all ages. Presented by Leslie McLain Walt   

Scottish Gaelic – A Gentle Introduction 

Although very few people speak modern Scottish Gaelic, it is a language and culture with deep, rich roots.  Since it is an Indo-European language (like English) you may find it more accessible than many other world languages.  If you decide to learn Scottish Gaelic, there is a world of music, poetry, history, humor, and resilience waiting for you. Presented by Richard Hill of Slighe Nan Gaidheal. 

Ultimate Warrior 3: Scots vs. Rome

Feel the grip of the sword in you hand. Smell the air as the tension builds. Two sides have come to collide in “combat”.  With Part Three, everyone will get a chance to experience why neither side could hope to win in the struggle between the Romans and the Picts. Presented by Tiberius James Franklin

Gaels, Picts, Britons and Vikings: The Making of Scotland

Scotland was made in the 1000 years after Septimius Severus’ attempted conquest of Caledonia failed in 211 CE. This is the era of Irish Monasticism, King MacBeth,  Pictish stones, the arrival of the Vikings and the founding of the Lordship of the Isles: the Gaelic political state. Come see how the struggles between these peoples built the Scotland of today. Presented by Geoffrey Sammons