Seattle Scottish Highland Games Association

Meet Our Committee Chairs

The Seattle Scottish Highland Games Association is a self-supporting, non-profit 501(c)(3) group. The Committee Chairs receive no remuneration for the hard work and many hours that they dedicate to the Association. Please join with us as we acknowledge and thank them for the donation of this special gift.

We currently have a need for Committee Chairs for the Future Athlete Committee, Isle O’ The Wee Bairns Committee, and Scottish Farm Committee. Also looking for Games Tent hosts. Questions or if interested in volunteering for one of these committees please contact our President, Colin Mathieson!

Highland Games CommitteesHighland Games Committees cont.All Other Committees
Advertising (Media)
Sharon McBride Ritelis
Future Athletes
Christmas Parade
Sharon McBride Ritelis
Scott West
Don Lake
Games Tents
Cynthia Lostoski & on-site manager John Hamrick
Highland Shop
Cindy Lake
Heather Ball
Barb McBride & Sharon McBride Ritelis
Ceilidh Friday & Saturday
Scott Davis
Cindy Lake
Heather Ball Silent Auction
Kay Rivera
Celtic Arts Showcase
Mary Malone
Isle O’ The Wee Bairns
Saundra White
Celtic Kennel
Mike & Barbara Webb
Kirken O’ The Tartan & Church Service
Cindy Lake
Farley Provan Bartelmes
Celtic Sessions
Mary Malone
Opening & Closing Ceremonies
Saundra White
Sharon McBride Ritelis & Farley Provan Bartelmes
Childrens’ Passport
Meagan Tougher
Ron & Terry Lake
Heather Curtin
Clan Tents & Vendors
Sheilla Hagedorn
Wendy Mutton
Pipes & Drums On Parade
Jenny White
Volunteer Thank You Party
Barb McBride & Farley Provan Bartelmes
Competition – Band, Piping, Drumming
Candi Burpee & Stephanie Sprinkle
Games Souvenir Program
Gail Mathieson
Competition – Dancing
Candi Burpee
Pub – Rampant Lion
Matt McBride & Sharon McBride Ritelis
Competition Entry
Candi Burpee
Pub – Tilted Kilt
Carol Hoosier
Competition Heavy Events
Bret Lathrop & Jay O’Neil
Saltire & Rising of the Clans
Scott West
Competition – Medals & Trophies
Kathy Sinclair
Scottish Farm
Competition – Scoring
Candi Burpee
Scottish Heritage Series
Nick Grall
Colin Mathieson
Matt McBride
First Aid
Kathy & Larry Thomas
Staff Tent
Barb McBride
Food Booths
Barb McBride & Sharon McBride Ritelis
Walk Through Time
Sven Asplund & Ambriel Bauer