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2021 Camping

Camping for 2021 Not Open Yet

Information from 2019 below for reference

All non-reserved campsites that remain after the reservations close July 1, will be available beginning Wednesday morning, July 22 at 9 AM, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Campsite to grounds reference map Available May 1

All campsites reference map Available May 1

Available campsites will be updated when camping opens.

Camping is permitted in designated areas only – please see the map when available by May 1 at the latest.

Note: If any non-reserved campsites remain after the reservations close, they will be available beginning Wednesday morning at 9 AM, on a first-come, first-served basis.


Dedicated hook-ups (power 30 AMP and water) are very limited and must be booked for 4 nights with Wednesday being optional. Partial hook-ups (power only -10 AMP via a junction box) are limited and do not support A/C usage. Please be advised that with the limited electrical resources available, you are responsible for supplying an adequate power cord. You may be required to have up to 75 feet of cord. Use of household cords is not recommended.

Only 350 sites are available.

  • There is no sewage or gray water disposal on site.
  • Sanikans with washing stations are available in the camping area Thursday to Monday morning.
  • Restrooms and showers are available inside the Expo Center from 6 AM to 11 PM.
  • Site with dedicated power (30 AMP) & water (must be booked for 4 nights at $45 per night with Wednesday optional): $180.00
  • Site with power (10 AMP via a junction box – will not support AC usage, must provide own heavy duty cord – up to 75 ft. to the power source): $35.00 per night
  • Site without hook-up (dry camp & tent only): $25.00 per night

Fees are charged per site, per night – Wednesday through Sunday. The total fee for the entire stay is charged at the time of reservation or upon arrival. Please check in at Campground Office before proceeding to camping area.

Reservations are only accepted through the on-line system by credit card only.

Confirmation and site number(s) will be emailed within a week of making a reservation.

Print a copy of this confirmation email and take with you
to the Games to facilitate your camping check in.

Off Site Camping
  • Kanasket Palmer State Park – (reservations suggested); (360) 886-0148
  • KOA: (253) 872-8652
  • South Prairie Creek RV Park: (360) 897-8465

See you at the end of July!

For an Enjoyable stay at the SSHGA Campgrounds

All Campers must register at the Campground office upon arrival

The Campground Office opens at 9:00 am Wednesday, July 24, 2019. 

All non-reserved sites are on a first come-first served basis.  All non-reserved camping fees for Wednesday through Sunday nights must be paid in full upon registration at the Campground office when it opens at 9:00 am Wednesday morning.

Personal Conduct:  Behavior amounting to nuisance, hazardous conduct, or not complying with Federal, State or Local laws will be grounds for eviction without refund.  You are responsible for your actions and the actions of your children, guests and pets in the designated campgrounds.

The Camping Committee Chair and Camping Managers reserve the right to add to or change these rules as circumstances require.

  • Quiet time is 11:00 pm – 6:00 am.  Children must be at their campsite during quiet time. Use of generators during this time is prohibited.  Security officers will be monitoring the campgrounds from 8:00 pm – 4:00 am on Friday and Saturday.
  • Camping in designated areas only.  No person shall camp in any Enumclaw Expo Center area except in areas specifically designated and/or marked for that purpose. 
  • Camping in assigned spaces only.  Site (re)assignments are at the discretion of the Campsite Managers.  Occupying a space assigned to another person/group is not permitted, and is grounds for eviction.
  • Speed limit is 5 MPH in the campgrounds.  Keep drive lanes and fire lanes clear.  Any vehicles parked in drive lanes or fire lanes will be towed.
  • Vehicle access will be limited to 1 vehicle per site and must be contained within the site to comply with King County Fire Marshall rules of keeping fire lanes open.  Extra cars will have to be parked in the parking lots and pay the daily parking fees.
  • In the Tent-Only areas, vehicles are limited to a car or light truck.  Campers, trailers, RV’s, etc., are not permitted.  Noncompliant vehicles are subject to towing.
  • No firearms, air guns, bows and arrows, water guns or water balloon launchers are permitted in the Campgrounds at any time.
  • No fireworks are permitted in the Campgrounds at any time.
  • No open flames (tiki torches, campfires or campfire pits) are allowed in the Campgrounds at any time. Grills which operate on fuel (i.e., white gas, propane, etc.) such as Coleman stoves are allowed.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Campgrounds.
  • Do not leave loose or bagged garbage at your site.  Use provided waste receptacles.
  • Water and/or electric hook-ups to a site constitute a hook-up site.  Fees will be charged accordingly.  Please be advised that with the limited Electrical resources available you are responsible for supplying an adequate power cord.  You may be required to have up to 75 feet of cord.  Use of household cords is not recommended.  Sharing electric hook-ups to non-hook-up sites is grounds for eviction of both parties.
  • Water standpipes are public domain.  Please ensure clear access.  Do not “cap off” water standpipes!
  • No utility connections (water or power) are to cross over, under or on any roadway in the campgrounds.
  • Report all outages (water, power, TP) to the Campground Office if manned or to the Security personnel on main grounds.
  • Restrooms with showers are provided for registered campers and are available from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.  You must have an entry ticket to use them.  Help us keep them clean.  Sanikans and wash stations are available throughout the campgrounds.
  • Quiet, leashed pets are welcome in the designated camping areas.  Those who disrupt other guests or present a danger must be removed from the campgrounds.  ★★IF THEY POOP, YOU GOTTA SCOOP!★★  Be kind to your pets and other campers, and make sure pets are attended.  No pets are allowed in the Expo Center.
  • No bicycles, skates or skateboards are allowed in the Expo Center.
  • All powered (motorized, electric, gas and/or human) vehicles, unless needed for health reasons, are prohibited in the Expo Center.
  • Messages can be posted in the Campground Office on the Bulletin Board.
  • Campground Management and the SSHGA are not responsible for loss, damage, or claims for damages to property due to fire, theft, or other causes.



No refunds are available for camping fees.