We LOVE our hardworking Board!

This time of year, what else can you do but have a drink and smile! These folks give the SSHGA and the Scottish community at large a truly amazing gift of their time and talents as they steer our non-profit, self-supporting, all-volunteer organization forward! Front row left to right: Don Fincke; Treasurer, Barb McBride; Trustee, Colin Mathieson; President, Linda Jones Stern; Trustee, Sharon McBride Ritelis; Trustee Chair. Back row left to right: Porter Patten; Trustee, Nancy West Johnson; Trustee, Cindy Lake; Trustee, Saundra White; Vice-President, Ken McKenzie; Trustee. Not pictured: Candi Burpee; Executive Secretary, Cynthia Lostoski; Asst. Treasurer, Gail Mathieson Reiter; Recording Secretary. THANK YOU!

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