6 thoughts on “Tickets Now On Sale!”

  1. Stephen Dickensheets

    Where am I able to buy advanced tickets online? And are all the Clans representative?

    1. Sharon McBride Ritelis

      The tickets on sale graphic is clickable and takes you to the Eventbrite page to purchase tickets. The link is https://www.eventbrite.com/e/75th-pacific-northwest-scottish-highland-games-clan-gathering-tickets-326826666357.

      As far as Clans, we provide an opportunity for them to participate. At this time we are just preparing to offer the app for them to sign up. So we can’t say who will or won’t choose to participate at our venue at this time. The following are the clans that chose to participate in 2019. Not sure who will be back or who will be new for 2022!
      Clan Anderson
      Clan Boyd
      Clan Chisholm
      Clan Cian
      Clan Crawford
      Clan Currie
      Clan Davidson Society Clan Donald
      Clan Donnachaidh Clan Douglas
      Clan Farquharson Clan Ferguson
      Clan Gordon
      Clan Graham
      Clan Grant
      Clan Gregor Society
      Clan Guthrie
      Clan Hall
      Clan Hamilton
      Clan Hay
      Clan Irwin
      Clan Johnston/e
      Clan Keith
      Clan Lamont
      Clan Leslie
      Clan MacAllister
      Clan MacIntyre Tent Clan MacKay
      Clan MacKenzie Society Clan MacKinnon
      Clan MacKintosh
      Clan MacLachlan
      Clan MacLaren
      Clan MacLea (Livingstone)
      Clan MacLean
      Clan MacLellan
      Clan MacMillan
      Clan MacNab
      Clan MacNachtan (MacNaughton) Clan MacNeil / MacRae
      Clan McFarlane
      Clan McFarlane
      Clan Menzies
      Clan Morrison
      Clan Muir
      Clan Muirhead
      Clan Sinclair Association
      Clan Stewart
      Clan Sutherland
      Clan Thompson Society
      Clan Wallace

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