Just like a number of other local and national Scottish Games Associations and all volunteer organizations in general are struggling with numerous leadership, committee chair, volunteer and funding issues we, the SSHGA currently find ourselves in the throes of experiencing these issues as well. A special meeting of the Board has been called to address these issues and hopefully work up some resolves.

What can you do as a member and a person who loves the Scottish community at large and our SSHGA mission of sponsoring the Games? Consider stepping up and volunteer to help in the run up to the Games, volunteer to help with set up/take down and/or work a shift for a committee over the weekend of the Games, consider taking on a committee or getting active on the board. Our ability to navigate into the future depends on it.

The escalation of our costs over the last few years has been staggering to the point that we have had to dip into our rainy day fund to a 20% reduction in our reserves. Revenues not covering our expenses forced us to make the hard decision to raise admission rates for the Games. We did offset the increase by making the pre-sale discount $5 per ticket so purchasing tickets ahead can make this increase more palatable to our guests.

Over and above our immediate issues time is marching on and the 2018 Games will be here before we know it. Our Executive Secretary Candi Burpee is working on discerning the 2017 Committee Chairs who are willing to again chair their committees for 2018. She has been emailing, so if/when you receive her email please respond immediately. And being proactive would be appreciated so you can always contact her now at scots4ever@sshga.org.

Currently the advertising committee is designing the brochure and poster for proofing and going to the printer. Competition entries, Clan Tent & Vendor contracts and Food Booth contracts are being updated. Around the first of April we will have a mailing party to send out brochures to previous year Games attendees. As you can see the Association has a lot of things on our collective plate to do.

And ultimately you as a member or someone interested in these traditions continuing finding the time and energy to volunteer would be so appreciated.

Sincerely, The SSHGA Board