Please be Patient!

Due to the lateness of the decision to have the Games we are a few months behind the 8-ball with planning and critical decisions. It’s amazing how many of our vendors we depend on for equipment rentals have either gone out of business, drastically changed and across the board costs have escalated!

As an all volunteer organization we are playing catch up and hope to have competitor entries, vendor applications, clan tent & association applications, camping, ticket sales, etc. updated on our web site and hopefully posted by the end of April. Another indication of how much our volunteer ranks have suffered over the last two years and a possible call to action that YOU will step up and volunteer.

Thanks to all for your understanding!

2 thoughts on “Please be Patient!”

  1. Christi Young

    Regarding the 2023 games, we plan to be there with bells on! However we would like to know if dogs are allowed on the grounds. We would love to bring our Scottie!

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