2022 Games Are A Go!


After much deliberation and admittedly a lot of questioning, the Seattle Scottish Highland Games Association has voted to once again hold our games on the fourth weekend in July. We heard statements from both sides of the fence and through it all determined that it is in the best interest of our association to hold our games again. 

Now, this doesn’t mean our games will be the same this year as we all remember from the past. Some of our committees/features will not be able to happen for various reasons, but I think we all can appreciate getting back to some semblance of the games in Enumclaw even with the changes. 

Let me be pointed in saying, of all years, this is the year we will need volunteers! We need people to step up and take over committees whose chairs have had to retire. And some of our regular volunteers have passed away. We really need people to step up and show up to help with set up and take down of the games. There is no magic wand that causes everything to pop into place a-la Cinderella on Friday mid day and show up again in storage that next Monday. There is a lot of work that starts on Tuesday and Wednesday before and we have to take everything down and clear it out that Monday. 

So for those of you who have been supportive and hoping to have a games again, we’re going to need you and would appreciate your help! For those few who have been hammering us saying we were chickening out by not continuing with our games the last couple years, now is your chance to put your effort where your mouth is. Show up to volunteer and help out! We would appreciate it! 

More info to follow as this is fleshed out in the next few months. 

Kind regards, 

Colin Mathieson

How can I help you may ask?
Volunteer: https://www.sshga.org/volunteer-for-2022
Donate: https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/2034432
Not a member? Become a Member: https://www.sshga.org/membership

4 thoughts on “2022 Games Are A Go!”

    1. Sharon McBride Ritelis

      Due to the lateness of the decision to have the Games we are a few months behind the 8-ball with planning and critical decisions. As an all volunteer organization we are playing catch up and hope to have the Eventbrite links for ticket sales, competitor entries, vendor applications, clan tent & association applications, camping, etc. updated on our web site and hopefully posted by the end of April.

      Thanks for your understanding!

      The SSHGA Board

        1. Sharon McBride Ritelis

          At this point we have no volunteer campground managers. So we are not sure if we will have camping or not this year. Working on it but if we only have one manager we may not have as many sites available as in the past. Camping historically opens the Thursday prior to Memorial Day weekend which this year is May 26. We’ll keep everyone posted…

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