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2021 The Scottish Farm

The Scottish farm, or Croft, needed to sustain not only the family who worked the land and cared for their livestock, but also needed to provide enough product to pay their taxes to their leige Laird. They had little so consequently utilized every bit of what they did have. Life was hard and unforgiving; every member played their part. The cat kept the mice from the food stores, the dog helped the farmer (‘crofter‘) herd the sheep, the wife carded, spun and wove the wool into cloth and the pony carted their goods to market.

SEE traditional farm animals and learn more about them: Highland cattle, Blackface sheep, Shetland geese, Old-spot pigs, Welsh horses, and Shetland ponies. 

TALK with experienced organic farmers and discover how livestock can help you farm the natural way!  Gather information, ideas, and resources to inspire your own farming adventure, be it large or small!

WATCH spinning and weaving demonstrations as fiber artists create homespun woolen yarn and fabric. Please DO touch interesting items at our hands-on display tables.

PARTICIPATE in various hands-on activities and learn essential farm skills:  wool working, leather craft, horn & bone utensils, rope making, and food preparation. 

CREATE and take home a unique keepsake of your Highland Games experience! 

• “Fuzzy Fun”—pick, card, spin, braid, and weave wool fiber into fabric

• “Leather & Lace”—punch, tool, and sew leather into sporrans and shoes 

• “Everything but the Moo”—polish and finish horn and bone into containers, buttons, and crooks

• “Twister Marathon”—team up to twist twine into sturdy rope as you ‘walk’ the rope maker

• “Field to Food”—grind, churn, and crank your way to home-made flour, butter, and ice cream using old-fashioned (non-electric) farm kitchen equipment!

Come join us at the Farm on July 24 & 25, 2021 at the Enumclaw Expo Center!